Wings over Marl 2018

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The Club „Verein für Fallschirmsport Marl“ (VfFM) presents „Wings over Marl 2018“ – This year we’re flying with a Grand Caravan (Supervan) !

Get ready for the next round of our exciting competition! From August 16th until August 19th 2018 it’s getting serious again. This year’s bonus: from August 20th our drop zone will remain operating for the whole week. That should be reason enough for some of our participants – after all there have been 42 wingsuit pilots from 11 different countries with us last year – to stay with us a day or more after the competition.

That means, if we all maintain the same outstanding discipline as we did last year – and if we’re lucky with the weather – we are going to have plenty of opportunities to test our skills in flocking, freefly, XRW and so on.

Highlight this year: German participants can qualify for the FAI World Cup at our competition, since our competition is this year’s German National Cup for all German competitors.

There’ll be a slight change this year: We will limit the registration to 48 participants but you might have the chance to move up, if you have registered late and someone else cancels. Thus we hope to avoid a crowded plane, as we had last year.

What to expect…

You’re going to compete in the separate groups Rookie, Intermediate and Open Class. Each class will be rated in three disciplines:

  1. Time
  2. Distance
  3. Speed

You have to follow these rules:

  • Within the competition altitude between 3000m and 2000m above ground you have to achieve best results for the longest time in air, the longest distance and the highest horizontal speed over ground
  • All the competitors have to make sure to keep the given flight direction, not to cross another participants flight path on this load.
  • We’ll log two rounds per discipline with GPS trackers. We’re going to log with FlySight.

Wings over Marl 2018 won’t be part of the Paralog Wingsuit Performance World Series. Instead, we’re going to rate with Skyderby (

How’s the timetable?

Thursday 16.08. Friday 17.08. Saturday 18.08. Sunday 19.08.
Traveler’s arrival, Jumps for your orientation, training First competition day
including competition jumps
Second competition day
including competition jumps
Wheather day


How much is it?

Unfortunately, we had some trouble with planning in the past years, because some of the registered skydivers just didn’t show up at the event. So this year the registration fee will be 100€ in order to hopefully get more certainty in the load organization. But don’t panic, in the end nothing is changing! When you show up to participate, we will top up your ticket account by the extra 60€ you’ve paid.
The remaining 40€ will be used for the whole event organization and after sunset you’ll get tasty food and drinks of our local brewing culture. ;)

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon and to have a special competition with you!

How to register…

Please take in mind, that your slot is reserved only after you send registration and transfer the fee to our account. You’ll get an email confirmation when we receive registration fee.
Also please let us know, if you have a FlySight available, that you can use for the competition. That’ll help us a lot, planning our event!

Not convinced yet?

Wings over Marl is more than just the competition. We enjoy the fun that comes with our sport and the familiarly atmosphere at our drop zone almost as much.
That’s why you’re going to have the opportunity to exchange your know how and to profit from the experience of the top pilots in each class. Also, you’ll get the chance to test this gained knowledge with different and new wingsuits. Because sharing is caring.
Your WoM Team of the club „Verein für Fallschirmsport Marl e.V.“