Wings over Marl 2020

Actually we dont know if Wings over Marl 2020 come true.

Well let u know as soon as possible!

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The Club „Verein für Fallschirmsport Marl“ (VfFM) presents „Wings over Marl 2020“

Are you ready for the next round of our exciting competition? From August 15th till August 18th 2019 it’s getting serious again for up to 45 competitors – remember last year we were able to welcome 44 pilots from 17 different nations in total. Also we’d like to point out that the drop zone will be operating the whole week from August 3rd to 11th beforehand. That means plenty of opportunities for fun jumps or intense training for you!

Highlight this year: The German National Cup for wingsuit performance will take place in the open class for all qualified competitors. Also German participants can qualify for the FAI World Cup in 2020 at our competition.

The number of registrations will be limited to 45 again this year. If you register late you can only ger a spot, if someone else cancels.

What to expect…

You’re going to compete in the separate groups Rookie, Intermediate and Open Class. Each class will be rated in three disciplines:

  1. Time
  2. Distance
  3. Speed

The competition runs according to these rules:

  • Within the competition altitude between 3000m and 2000m above best results can be achieved for the longest time in air, the longest distance and the highest horizontal speed over ground
  • All the competitors have to make sure to keep the given flight direction and to not cross another participants flight path on this load.
  • We’ll log two rounds per discipline with GPS trackers. We’re going to log with FlySight.

Once more Wings over Marl is going to be rated with Skyderby ( as part of WSPG (

How’s the timetable?

Thursday 15.08. Friday 16.08. Saturday 17.08. Sunday 18.08.
Traveler’s arrival, Jumps for your orientation, training

First competition day

including competition jumps

Second competition day

including competition jumps

Weather day


How much is it?

Wings over Marl was mainly subsidised by our club throughout the years. We’d like to discharge some of that load so we decided in accordance with the club board to raise the registration fee. Unfortunately the organisation members won’t profit from that, all the raised fee will be spent back into WoM ;). This event will stay an affair of the heart for everyone involved.

This year’s registration fee will be 70€. If you’re a member of our club, you’re able to be supported with a subsidy of 35€. You have to be a member for two years already to get the subsidy.
We have to inform you, that the fee is not refundable. Also members that won’t show up to the contest after registration have to take the whole registration fee of 70€.

As usual, the gained registration money will be used for organizing e.g. delicious food or local brewery products after sunset ;)

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon and to have a special competition with you!

How to register…

Registration starts on Sunday at 6:00pm (02.27.19)!


Please bear in mind, that your slot is only reserved after you sendyour registration and transfer fee to our account. You’ll get an email confirmation when we received the registration fee.

Also please let us know, if you have a FlySight available, that you can use for the competition. That’ll help us a lot, planning our event!

Not convinced yet?

Wings over Marl is more than just about the competition. We enjoy the fun that comes with our sport and the familiarly atmosphere at our drop zone almost as much.

That’s why you’re going to have the opportunity to exchange your know how and to profit from the experience of the top pilots in each class. Also, you’ll get the chance to test this gained knowledge with different and new wingsuits. Because sharing is caring.

Your WoM Team of the club „Verein für Fallschirmsport Marl e.V.“